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Samsung’s New Web Browser Suffers First Set Back – Ad Blocker Removed From Google Play Store


Samsung recently launched a brand new web browser, that is capable of providing android users owning Samsung products with a lot of new features, that would make browsing the internet on Mobile a very convenient job.

Downloads and upgrades reached to huge counts, which was not what Samsung had expected in such a short while. Probably the best feature that might have been able to get such a lot of response was the AdBlock Fast, which was added to the browser by Samsung.

The AdBlock Fast is actually a third party application developed by a company called Rocketship apps, that helps to block pop ups and ads by websites. When this app was added to the Samsung default browser, the Samsung users across the world rushed to get a copy of the blocking software from the app store.

Almost 50,000 downloads were noted to have taken place. However, the service was blocked soon after, the app removed from the playstorecompletely. The company received only one message that very clearly stated that it had violated the terms and conditions laid down by Google in its Developers Distribution act,  under section 4.4.

The section states that no application must engage in activities in the app store that will cause the services of the other apps to face any inconvenience, or cause damage to the network or server.

This came as a shock to Rocketship apps; just after the company had felt that it’s services were more popular than they had expected, they got thrown out of the app store.

What is even more shocking I’d that a similar product by the same brand with similar features called the AdBlock plus still remains in the system and has not received any such setbacks.

The Developers at Rocketship apps have commented that the app has done its job a little too well, causing Google’s ad service to feel threatened, while the other app has not been as popular and hence remains untouched.

Stay tuned for more updates on the AdBlockFast issue.