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Second Ransomware Attack in Two Months Cripples World Businesses


You most likely remember last month’s WannaCry ransomware attack. Although the hack had been finally defeated after a long and arduous fight, it seems that a very similar program is back and it’s currently wreaking havoc on many businesses around the world. This ransomware is called Petya, and it shares many features and code lines with the original WannaCry worm.

Petya has been sending worms around the world to various business computers, and its plague is now spreading like wildfire. The malware has currently halted all activity in various businesses across the world, including:

  • The property arm of PNB Paribas, a French bank
  • A Cadbury chocolate factory in Australia
  • Port operator Maersk
  • The biggest oil company in Russia
  • And a series of Ukranian banks

All these companies became infected by Petya during a massive attack that unfolded this Tuesday, the second one of its kind in the last two months. The virus made the affected computers unusable by overwriting files and encrypting their hard drives. In return for the infected devices’ ‘freedom’ (so to speak), the Petya ransomware demanded 300 dollars in bitcoin to be paid.

The attack is currently being managed and rebuked, but it will take a while for these companies to regain access to their data. Unfortunately, this has been happening more and more in recent times, which prompts us to notice that a troubling trend is forming. Nowadays, Internet security is the most important thing, but it’s also one of the easiest to break right now.

This is why we advise everyone to stay safe out there. Protect your computers against malware and ransomware by avoiding dubious websites or other types of requests that you might receive. And always use a strong antivirus program for an extra layer of safety.