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Send Money by Just One Text “GOOGLE WALLET”


Paying people back will be much easier via one text with the help of Google Wallet, thanks to Google wallet for providing such facility.

Google Wallet through its mobile payment system, will help the user to send money to a person sitting anywhere in United States even if the other person doesn’t have a Google Wallet account still it will be acceptable which makes the work more easier.

On the other hand last Monday Google announced about the new feature that from now onwards users will able to send money without email address, they can send money directly by selecting the name from the contact list.

The more brief procedure in Google Wallet update is when the user will send money to the recipient number, the other person will be getting a secure link through a text from Google Wallet team, through which the person will be able to enter their debit card info in order to claim for the money and straight away within couple of minutes the money will be there in person’s respective account.

According to the Google Wallet team, they are working at their level best to improve more features in their app to make it easy for all the users of United States.

Overall, Google has updated a number of features in recent weeks, that includes improved contact suggestions, so that the user could see the person name first whom the user is sending money frequently, and the other great feature is the security that helps the user to lock this app, as the app contains all the banking information of the user and the user may also link a second bank account.

The Google Wallet app will be coming with new icon design and with many functions too, this new feature will be rolling out within few days on Google Play.

We would love to hear more about the features from you and your experience with all new Google Wallet update.