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Senior Microsoft Official Hints At Surface Phone –


Microsoft has been a company which has been around for the past 41 years, and has been growing stronger with every passing day. Known to be a dominating force in the world of software technology, the company’s recent release of the Windows 10 OS has helped give them a major boost in the world of software technology. The company has also been targeting the world of hardware technology too. Microsoft has been gaining major inroads in the markets of hardware tech with the help of several recent releases of Microsoft Mobiles. The company has recently launched 4 phones, a tablet and a laptop, and another phone is in the pipelines There have been rumours around another of their device, the surface phone, which had been in the markets for quite a while, but were never confirmed.

These rumours got stronger after recent comments by Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, who made several comments on the future of the company and the way their mobile phones division, the Microsoft Mobiles had been functioning.  Caposella commented on the Microsoft Mobiles division saying that they were close to coming out with a ‘breakthrough’ windows phone device.

Capossela also commented that the surface division was doing quite well, and the Microsoft mobiles are expected to take a similar route to do better in the markets by putting in more powerful tools. He was then asked about the possibility of a surface phone, and he did not comment anything on it, but the new ‘breakthrough device’ that was earlier mentioned is expected to be a ‘spiritual equivalent’ of the surface phone.

These statements and comments came from Chris Capossela during Microsoft’s podcast – Windows Weekly. This was the first instance of a matter regarding the Surface Phone being publicly addressed by any major name Screenshot_27

The surface phone has been rumoured for a long time and is reportedly being built under the codename juggernaut alpha. Microsoft has remained tight lipped about any other details so far, but it is expected that more announcements would be made in the first quarter of 2016. The company is soon expected to come out with their latest windows phone – the Lumia 650, which has been leaked online via various sources and images have appeared. You can read our coverage of the Lumia 650 leaks HERE.

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