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Serpent Of Windows 10 Privacy Issues Raises Head Again – Security Keys Vulnerable?


Microsoft has been a company which has been dominating the world of technology 41 glorious years in the past, which in itself is a major achievement for the company, and is a credit for the way they have been performing. With the release for the Windows 10 OS, they have been skyrocketing towards a success they knew they would attain. The company had been planning the release of the Windows 10 OS since quite a long time, and when it finally came out, it was picture perfect. Microsoft managed to get over 14 million downloads in just 24 hours, and the adaption rate looked quite good. As of last report, over 110 million users were now on the Windows 10 OS, and more details are expected to soon be announced about how the trend has been going. However, time and again the Windows 10 privacy issues have been bothering the users.


These issues have been persistent with the Windows 10 OS, as many users have claimed that Microsoft is hellbent on violating their privacy this time around, and is recording their keystrokes by saying they are ‘collecting data’. Microsoft has been accused of various privacy related settings. The menus have been made so complicated that turning off all privacy violating settings which users have enabled unknowingly by default when they installed the OS is quite a task.

However, the serpent of the windows 10 privacy issues is raising its head once again – and this time the company has been accused of having your security key placed in a server. Microsoft uses a built-in disk encryption feature, which is expected to help the users stay secure, stores their recovery key online. However this is a double edged sword as if someone hacks your accounts or hacks Microsoft’s database, they get access to this information which is quite critical for PC security.

This poses a potential threat, and it is likely that such a threat might never even emerge for most users, but going by the way hacks have been increasing, you never know who is secure enough. However, users can secure themselves by deleting the security key by visiting this OneDrive Recovery Key website.

After logging in to that website, the users can then delete their key from the account and avoid being at risk if such a situation were ever to rise. Microsoft promises that all copies of this key will then be wiped from their servers and backup drives as well.