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Set Top Box With the New FCC Plan – Now You Can Buy Your Own Set Top Box


The Set Top Box has always been a matter of great choice and consternation amongst users. No one is completely satisfied with kind of services one can get with his set top box.

This has caused people in developed countries to turn to services like Netflix and other internet TV plans and devices like Apple TV, Chromecast and Fire TV, causing losses to the cable TV industry.

To be able to get some of the lost market back the Federal Communications Commission also known as the FCC has come up with a plan that would allow cable TV users to be able to buy set top boxes as per their own choice.

This way users will have a say both in choosing offers and in managing their plans.

According to the senior global director for digital media of Frost and Sullivan, Mukul Krishna the new plan would be an act of innovation and a slap in the face for the pay TV companies.

This movement was spurred by an email from a suffering user who complained that his cable company had scrambled all the channels deliberately so would be forced to buy a cable box.

He requested information on where and how he could purchase a box of his choice. More emails of this sort started coming in and finally when the FCC got a hint of this Chairman Tom Wheeler said that he would make the market open for the set top box.

Problems with cable TV have always been bugging people who use these services and despite improvements in technology cable and satellite boxes are all still being rented across the world.

People have resorted to buying TiVo DVR but they still face problems because the device neither works with satellite nor is it free and attracts a $15 rent per month.

Perhaps the best service in terms of cable connections is Time Warner Cable which is currently second largest cable operator in US.

It allows you to use different set top boxes like the Roku media player and allows the people to view their channels on Xbox 360 console and Samsung smart TV as well.

It also supports iOS and Android devices. Similar flexibilities are provided with Verizon FiOS TV, and AT&T  U-Verse.

But on the other cable service these options are not available so we would have to manage with a set top box. Hopefully this FCC plan will let users find peace in viewing television.