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SHAREit – Transfer Files Without Losing Quality


Right from the start, we need to mention that SHAREit holds the title of being the fastest file-sharing app in the world. The reason why SHAREit is considered to be worthy of this title is because it can share files at up to 20M/s which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. To make things even better, files which are shared through the app never lose any of their quality.

Transfer Files Without Losing Quality

The fact that SHAREit can transfer files without losing any quality in the process makes the app perfect for people who take professional pictures. Take for example what happens when sharing a high-resolution photo through Facebook’s Messenger app. The photo’s quality will be degraded in the process, and the recipient will not be able to zoom on it. Luckily, this is where SHAREit comes in and saves the day.

Transfer All Types of Files

Previously we talked about how SHAREit is excellent for sharing high-resolution photos, but this is not the only type of files that SHAREit supports. In fact, SHAREit supports all types of files starting with standard JPGs, Word documents, PPT presentations and ending with fully installed apps.

Considering that SHAREit supports all types of file formats, people who are thinking about purchasing a new smartphone should consider giving SHAREit a try. The reason we are saying this is because SHAREit can be used to transfer important files such as synchronized contacts, appointments and notes from the older smartphones to the new one.

Discover Nearby Users

Another cool feature that makes SHAREit unique when compared with its competition is the “Discover Nearby Users” options. As the name implies, this feature allows SHAREit users to turn on their Bluetooth and find nearby people who are using the app. This makes it a lot easier to share files.