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Shelfie – Turn Your Printed Books Into Digital Ones


In theory, it is impossible to not find fascination browsing a book, but a new application called Shelfie helps turn them into digital editions.

Many believe that digital editions of books and magazines that you interact with, is the future. Besides being environmentally friendly because it no longer involves cutting down trees to materialize, eBooks are easier to keep or transfer. Undoubtedly, for many years to come, you will still be able to can go to a bookstore to buy a book but that should not prevent you to look ahead.

Starting from this premise, Shelfie is a new application that aims to facilitate the coexistence of the two types of content. So if you already have a thick collection of printed books, and you would like to have it with you on the go, on eBook Reader or tablet, without buying them again at full price, Shelfie creates the perfect circumstances.

Basically, once installed on the smartphone, the app helps you scan every book in the library. In the next step, the little program will do everything possible to find digital versions of the volumes purchased over the years. If you are lucky and such a eBook format version exist, you’ll receive an email link to a free version of that book or, in the worst case, a discount. In other words, there are significant chances to be forced to pay a price more or less symbolic for a book you’ve bought already. Even in that case, you will still have the psychological comfort that you did not pay the full price for the books that interest you.

“Our in-store promotions made with bookstores have shown us that readers buy more books when the eBook version is included.” BitLit, the company behind the Shelfie is very pleased with the initiative and hopes it will gain widespread popularity in time.