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Shocking Discovery Reveals Secret Chamber Inside The Great Pyramid of Giza


A recent discovery shocks people around the world, even though there are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered about the pyramids from Egypt. A group of scientists discovered a huge void that exists inside the Khufu pyramid.

The Great Pyramid was built in honor of Khufu the pharaoh, and it took workers about 20 years to finish it. His followers considered him to be God, so the size of the monument shouldn’t surprise anyone. No wonder that it’s considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Although the structure has been studied by hundreds of scientists, no one discovered this void up until now. They used new technologies to scan the pyramid, and then they made the discovery of the century.

The software that they used revealed a big void inside the pyramid, but scientist claim that they still don’t know if it is formed of more empty rooms or if it’s just one big void. As a comparison, it is as big as the Statue of Liberty and no one expected it to be there.

It is located above the Grand Gallery, a space that unites all the other rooms of the pyramid, and it measures about 105 feet.

Although the exact purpose of this void isn’t known, they suspect that it was used as a ramp for building the pyramid. The center of the structure is formed of heavy granite blocks, and this empty space must have been used for moving these huge bricks.

The mystery would be solved by drilling a hole into the structure, but this is not an option as it would affect the pyramid, maybe even making it to crash. The software that was used is still being improved, so the scientists are positive that new secrets will soon be revealed not only about pyramids, but also volcanoes and other closed spaces.


  1. pyramid is a moutain, to explore the new cavity inria will build robot like ant in order to not dig holes

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