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Shrink Wrap Machine High Performance


When looking for a shrink wrap machine, do not only focus on selecting the machine that will fit and handle your business needs. It is also important to choose the shrink wrap machine that offers a high level of performance.

However, there are different sizes, designs, and type of shrink wrapping machines that are being offered by the market these days. And for that reason choosing the best one and identifying which of them can give the highest performance is a bit challenging. On the other hand, to help you find the perfect one we have listed some of the amazing and excellent shrink wrapping machines that are brought to you by https://www.maripak.com/en/ together with their features and functionalities.

  • L-Bar Sealer: RLS Automatic

This shrink wrap machine can be a great packaging solution for businesses who are packaging a large or massive number of products due to its automated operation. Furthermore, it is also equipped with speed controllers as well as photosensors and its sealing sizes can be accustomed to ease. Nevertheless, it offers the same performance even though you are performing different applications.

  • Heat Tunnel: Mini and Midi Heat Tunnel

The Mini and Midi Heat Tunnel has a rational controller of energy as well as perfect insulation system and heating design chambers. On the other hand, it features an automatic power off and cooling down the system so that switching off this shrink wrap machine will not cause an accident. In addition, even though you are using POF, PVC, and PE shrink films this machine ensure that is still providing a high-performance operation.

  • LMC Series

The LMC Series shrink wrapping machine is suitable for both small as well as the medium bulk of production. In fact, it does not require any air supply just to function effectively. Furthermore, it works well either connected to a shrink tunnel or standalone and in fact, it has an excellent center seal arrangement for longer packages. Nevertheless, it is equipped with manual and automatic mode option which means operators can use control its hand button manually or automatically.

  • Wide Size L-Sealers

This wrapping machine is ideal to use for medium to the large capacity of production and can be associated to heat shrink tunnels. It has also an automatic hood controller with timer and a digital control board that is accessible with various languages. The Wide Size L-Sealers has a precise heating power that is perfect for intelligent sealing. Not only that, its hand button will be activated once the cycle operation started.

  • Compackt L-Sealer and Tunnel

This shrink wrapping machine is equipped with speed and sensor controllers that are useful in packaging a product. However, it does not feature a linking conveyor but it has an automatic tension and film transport control. In addition, it provides high performance and accuracy during hole punching due to its professional perforators.

Nonetheless, Maripak is offering high-performance shrink wrapping machines and in fact, you can also learn more about shrink wrappers from this website on the other hand.