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Sims 4 Next Updates – What Will They Release Next?


Sims 4 has come to that moment in its evolution where people are wondering what if going to happen next. Yes, the game has had a long run with incredible gameplay and expansion packs but people are wondering if EA is going to release a new Sims game sometime soon. With a recent tweet from their account stating there is going to be a new Sims experience people started to speculate.

They deleted it very fast and replaced the message with “the new Sims 4 experience”.

Adding fuel to the fire

EA France got fans even more lied up by tweeting and asking them what they think about the future of their favorite Sims game which got them to start talking and sharing their opinions.

However, in order the answer the question on everyone’s minds, is EA going to release Sims 5 in the near future? The answer is that they most likely will not. Looking back at the release dates between Sims 2, Sims 3 and Sims 4 they have all been roughly 5 years apart. However, with Sims 4 releasing a lot of expansion packs, working on its mobile version and finally coming to console players it is unlike that EA will just drop everything and start working on Sims 5.

However, were we to think really hard about what could be in store for Sims 4 in the near future we would look at two possible options: introducing multiplayer and releasing a seasons expansion pack.

Just imagine how Seasons would revamp the gameplay. You could have specific activities for each season, introduce holidays, Sim traits linked with the weather and so much more. EA has released a Season pack for Sims 3 back in the day so it will be interesting to see what are they going to add to the Sims 4 version of this possible expansion pack.