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Sims 4 to Receive “Pets” DLC Along Others


Rumor has it that Sims 4 is going to receive a brand new DLC entitled “Pets”. This rumor is being backed up by the fact that dataminers were able to find this information in the game’s source code. In addition, EA is also planning on releasing a bunch of other DLCs such as “Witches”, “Fairies” and “On a Campus”. However, we can’t know in what order these DLCs will be released but the pets one is expected to be the first.

Sims 4 to Receive Pets DLC

It all started when Sims 4 players started finding items that are directly related to pets in the game’s code. The items we are talking about have been found in the “Create A Sim” department to be more exact. If this proves to be true, we think it’s safe to say that Sims 4 is going to be so much more fun.

Additionally, the game’s source code includes lines for “furry bodies”, “tails” and “ears”. If this doesn’t hint towards the fact that a pets DLC is coming, then we don’t know what does. Although we should mention that some believe that EA actually wants to introduce horses in a future update and these codes lines might refer to them.

On a Campus, Witches and Fairies Sims 4 DLCs

As previously mentioned, according to rumors and speculations Sims 4 players are going to receive a bunch of DLCs in the upcoming future. The first DLC that will arrive is expected to be pets, while the second and third ones will be “On a Campus” and “Witches”.

The campus one is going to be the most content packed one because it will allow players to send their Sim to college. On the other hand, the “Witches” DLC will fill the environment with supernatural creatures and entities.

We can be sure that once these DLCs arrive, Sims 4 is going to receive a bunch of gameplay changes. At the moment, it’s not clear what extra content is going to be added but we can expect school classes, university rooms and so on.

Some are even expecting a boarding school experience. Nonetheless, we can be sure that EA is going to disclose additional information along the way.