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Sims 4 to Release for Xbox One and PS4 Next Year


Sims 4 by Electronic Arts has always been a very popular title. The game allows you to live your own virtual little world where you can actually conduct your life as you want it to be.

It actually allows you to play God and lets you be the master of your own fate, be it your career or somethong as simple and insignificant as the color of the beanie you want to wear.

With all this power, users are bound to let the latent control freaks in them surface.

This has led to the game becoming such a popular title.
Now that we know what Sims 4 is about, it boils down to how you can play it.

The players can play the title on their pcs as well as their ps3 and xbox 360.

However, with there being so many users now in the Ps4 snd the Xbox one that it is now important that the game be rolled out to these consoles.

From business point of view the idea of having the game rolled out to users on to these users is lucrative as there are a lot of users on the consoles.

Sims 4 was also in great demand by Mac users.

The game came with its own share of delays and problems but was ultimately fixed by the company and was an immediate success.

Sources claim that 2016 will see some more improvements on Sims 4 in the Mac department as well, but all remains obscure till we actually hear something from EA games itself

The EA games has remained silent about the exact dates on which they plan to release the game.

The company has always followed a trend of releasing these games on consoles within a couple of years of release of the pc version.

The game has thus got chances of seeing a release on the consoles very soon and we are laying our bets on 2016 to be the best time when these releases can be made.

If you ask for specifics, then based on the previous release trends of release, the game can be expected on the PS4 and the Xbox One around the beginning of fall.

Christmas releases would be more lucrative as an offer for people as they would be able to use this as a perfect holiday gift.