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Siri Shortcuts are the Best Thing About iOS 12


Apple has just rolled out iOS 12 and one of the most important features that this software update brings is Siri Shortcuts. Apple’s personal assistant has been left behind by the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant, and luckily, Apple decided to introduce a brand-new feature that makes Siri smarter.

The best thing about the new feature is that it makes it possible for Siri to finally complete complex tasks. With that being said, the new Shortcuts feature is going to help Siri compete against Alexa and Google Assistant.

Siri Shortcuts

Now that iOS 12 is here, Siri is much more powerful than usual. The AI assistant can automatically identify common tasks and even figure out if the user is running late to a meeting by accessing the location and calendar data. Doing this lets Siri warn users that they need to hurry up or to send a text to the person they will be meeting letting them know that the user is going to be late.

Personalized Shortcuts

The most amazing thing about Siri Shortcuts is the fact that they can be personalized. This means that Siri can take care of all types of tasks only through a simple vocal command, and this also includes interacting with third-party apps.

The fact that Siri can now use personalized shortcuts will prove to be very useful because for example, iPhone owners who use apps such as Tile to track their keys will be able to simply ask Siri the following question: “Where are my keys?” and the AI assistant will pinpoint their location.

Improving Siri

As previously mentioned, Siri was being left behind when compared to Alexa and Google Assistant. Every tech company is investing in AI technology and its great to see that Apple is not giving up. Let’s hope Apple keeps rolling out significant Siri upgrades such as Shortcuts.