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Skype Becomes More Secretive About Your IP Address To Save You From Hackers


Skype is one of the most important VOiP softwares out there. This application has cross platform compatibility and can be used on most platforms in the world.

The number of users for this app both on computers and mobile total up to more than 700 million worldwide and all of them ad been using Skype to the fullest completely unbeknownst to the fact that they were not completely secure while using this application.

There have been multiple instances of Skype account getting hacked but the isues that have recently cropped up go much beyond the scope of a simple account hack.

Recently there had been groups of gamers who had been kicked out of online tournaments suddenly without any rhyme or reason.

After further investigation it was found out that there computers had suddenly been faced with a DDoS attack because of which they had been logged out of the online gaming tournament and could not log back.

The reasons behind this were pretty evident. People who had taken gaming seriously and had apparently not been able to accept their defeat, had decided to avenge their loss by not letting their rivals play.

These hackers had been able to trace the IP address of their rivals through their Skype names and using this information they had launched a distributed denial of service attack which we more commonly know as DDos.

A DDoS attack can not be launched unless the IP address is known. In this case Skype had played the role of the catalyst in providing the IP address to these hackers.

Thus making way for more hacks. In response to this Skype is now tightening security around it’s application to ensure that no one is able to view any one else IP address. The problem of exposed IP addresses is something new to Skype. It had been first diagnosed back in 2010.

At that moment there wasn’t as much threat as there is now. Matters were taken less seriously at that time and initial awareness spread to a few techsavvy people in 2012.

It was only in 2015 that threats have reached a level wherein Skype has been forced to look into its shortcomings and make its users more secure.