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Skype Bug that Produces Messages Look Out of Order Currently Includes a Fix


Microsoft has confirmed that there’s a bug inflicting Skype messages to look out of order within the main desktop app.

This bug was discovered earlier this week and currently, Microsoft-owned Skype has confirmed that their developers are performing on fast ways to fix up the matter.

Skype for Desktops is the solely affected version

Skype permits users to transfer and install its application on PCs, tablets as well as smartphones.

This app may also be used on different platforms like smart TVs, wearables and on internet browsers as well. Consistent with the newest reports, it’s the desktop version seven.17.0.105 that has been stricken by this issue.

Usually, Microsoft releases new versions of Skype chat app doubly a month or generally even once.

The newest version which is 7.17 was availed to the general public in the mid December, having a bug like such; a time is shouldn’t be an enormous concern for several.

It’s very normal for brand new versions of apps to own bugs and performance problems like a shot they’re released; but, the problems are typically controlled as time flies by.

This can be constant factor that’s expected from Microsoft within the returning few weeks.

There is little doubt that Microsoft is watching all potential ways to form Skype for Windows the simplest communication software system around. Constant is additionally happening once it involves Android and iOS, among different platforms.

Well, it’s faithful say that lots goes on at Microsoft’s Skype camp; but, this can be no reason to permit this weird amendment within the arrangement of chat messages.

A Way Out

As mentioned, there’s how out of this drawback. One factor you wish to grasp is that there are several others with constant drawback and since the matter appears to be related to Skype, the simplest recommendation here, and therefore the most blatant fix now’s to downgrade to the previous version of the app.

The previous version accessible while not this disorderly up chat messages is and as was common, it’s accessible for free of charge transfer from the official web site of the app.

Microsoft additionally advises the affected users to do and use the Skype for internet version simply just in case they still feel the necessity of using the applications on their desktops.

Keep in mind that this can be simply a brief resolution to the matter, however as secure by the Skype team, a brand new version will be available very soon with fixes to the present issue, most likely next week.