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Skype ID avaialble to sign into other Microsoft apps and services


It seems that Microsoft aims at bringing their Skype products closer to other products they have with the new announcement they made. Usually, when you logged into Skype with both an email account and the Microsoft account, you had to sign into the program just with the Skype ID. Thankfully, Microsoft is now changing this and bringing a new update to the Skype service.

Now, the company will allow the Skype sign in and also let you log to Outlook,.com, Xbox Live and OneDrive. However, you will still need to have a linked email address in order to be able to do so. This come after quite a while, since Microsoft has begin to work a simplified log-in process all over their products, starting with the mobile apps designed for Android and iOS.

An official posted on the Skype blogs that they are working on creating a tighter relationship between this service and the parent company. As such, they announced that you will soon be able to use the Skype Name to log into other Microsoft products, such as OneDrive, Xbox and Office. Just one sign-in (and one email address for some of the products) will be necessary in order to access Xbox Live, your photos and documents on the OneDrive, Outlook.com email or make calls and instant message your friends on Skype.

The company recommends that starting with next week, if you have a Microsoft account, you should update it with the Skype account you have. Everybody knows that it’s much easier to use just one account for everything instead of switching between them. After you update the account, you can still use your Skype Name and your Microsoft password to sign in. You can only update the account once, so pay attention to this aspect before you decide.

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  1. What kind of horseshit is this? 4 years ago they announced that they’ll get rid of Skype names and one could only sign up to Skype with a Live account at that time. Now a U turn?

  2. This feels like a step in the wrong direction. Are they going to sell off Skype?

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