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Skype Update for Windows 10 and Mac Can Record Calls


Have you ever wanted to record a call on Skype but felt angry that you did not have the option to do that? Maybe you were talking to a relative that you have not heard from in a long while and wanted to make sure that the stories, the laughs and the jokes that you had told would be remembered. Or maybe you were in a business conference and recording the call would have let you save the important details of the discussion for you to listen to at a later date. The situations are endless.

All about the update

From what we have heard so far it looks like Microsoft is working on an update that will let Skype record calls. This update is meant to let third-party apps such as Vmix, Wirecast and even Xsplit to record the calls for you.

There is even more good news out there. For one, you can choose the third party app that you want to record your call. In order to get a hold of that recording, you just have to switch to the Content Creator mode from Skype and import your recording into Adobe Audition or Adobe Premier Pro.

If you want to share your call with others you will now also have the option to live-stream your call on YouTube. This feature is primarily targeted towards gamers, as they can now chat live during their gameplay and let their fans hear everything live as it happens.

Additionally, users can now customize their live call to their liking so that they make the live experience more welcoming towards their fans or to audience of any other types. This update is going to be announced officially by Skype during the NAB show in Las Vegas. This show is going to happen next week.

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