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Smart Fitness Bracelets – The Best Accessories for Sports


Smart bracelets are a segment of fitness gadgets that gains popularity. Appeared for several years on the market, bracelets began to capture the interest of users especially after the release of another series of gadgets, namely smart watches because it offers similar functionality.

The main function of the bracelet is the pedometer that tracks the number of steps you take every day. There are also bracelets able to provide much more detailed information about your activity, including your heart rate measure or tell you how well you sleep depending on how much you move in bed during sleep.

Samsung Gear Fit

One of the most popular smart bracelets is Samsung Gear Fit, which may be used only with some Samsung smartphones and tablets. This includes a pedometer to measure your steps and calculates the distance and speed. In addition, there is a fitness manager that you can propose different exercises suited to the way you use your gadget. Gear Fit is more than a bracelet, since on the screen you can get some notifications from applications on the phone and you longer have to pull your smartphone out of your pocket.

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit is one of the best known manufacturers of wearable and flexible devices and is one of the most advanced. This allows monitoring of steps, distance traveled and calories burned, plus you can set certain goals and progress is evidenced by the five LEDs on the bracelet. The bracelet can monitor your sleep and includes a silent alarm that can wake you up in the morning. The data can then be exported to many fitness applications, and has up to 5 days autonomy in normal use.

Jawbone Up

Unlike traditional wristbands, Jawbone Up also allows you to monitor your way you eat by using applications that connect to a smartphone device. Of course, it offers classical functions related to the number of steps, but you can monitor the weight or other movements such as cycling.

Samsung Health Activity Tracker

If you want a smart bracelet, but your budget is limited, Samsung Health Activity Tracker is probably the most accessible. It has the shape of a clock with no screen, but is able to measure your steps, distance traveled, number of calories burned and how you sleep..

Nike Fuel Band

Sports equipment maker Nike just could not miss the party and Fuel is the most popular model. It shows you the number of steps taken and the number of calories burned. Unfortunately, the data can be synchronized only iOS devices, Mac or PC, so Android owners will have to proceed to another model, Nike Fuel SE, but it is harder to find in stores.

Jawbone Up24

Jawbone Up24 is very similar bracelet Jawbone Up in terms of design and dimensions, but has additional software functions via the Up 3.0. This gives you real time information and it suggests certain goals based on data previously highlighted item on the “Today I will…”.

Smart bracelets offers a number of interesting features, and most can connect to the smartphone to have easy access to data, but the basic functions are also found in other devices. First on the list are obviously smart watches, that by using a screen and possibly an operating system allows you to access data much faster along with the ability to see who is calling or reading messages and emails, not only to find out that you have received a notification.