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Smartphones Performance Drops As Devices Age – Here Are The Most Common Reasons Why That Happens


When we buy a new smartphone, the truth is that in the first months of its life, in most cases, it has excellent performance, but as time goes by, many users notice that their handsets start lagging. The drop in smartphones performance may be due to some reasons which, in one way or another, we will sometimes be able to solve to help our smartphones recover their performance, at least in part.

Background applications

As we install more and more apps, many of them end up running in the background, a key point for slow phones.

These require resources to keep running, connect to the Internet, or monitor some parts of the system, which affects smartphones performance.

Keep in mind that many of the background applications can slow down your system, especially when it comes to demanding apps like games, for example.

Storage capacity

The writing speed of NAND flash drives slows down as they fill up, which may be one reason why smartphones performance drops once the memory starts to fill up.

This may be due to an accumulation of applications or other items such as undeleted photos and videos, as well as other files.

Although Android warns us when we run out of space, it’s a good idea to be aware of that before it happens, either by deleting the files manually¬†or by using some maintenance and cleaning apps.

Battery age

The batteries also age, so after two or three years of functioning, the capacity of these components decreases and our devices no longer last as they did in their early days of life.

Also, due to the batteries’ aging process and their internal mode of operation, this also affects the overall performance of the equipment, as both the battery itself and other components of the phone become hot, which is detrimental to its optimal operation.

RAM aging

In addition to old batteries, RAM also suffers the effects of time due to the accumulation of writing cycles, so like batteries, memory capacity degrades over time.

System updates and Apps updates

Another common reason why smartphones performance declines are that operating systems and the applications installed on such devices become troublesome as they update, affecting both the hardware and how they work.

However, this problem affects only older or low-end equipment.