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SMS & MMS feature may chuck out from Google Hangouts app


Google Hangouts is a messaging app, where people use it to stay in touch with their friends and family, it has features like video chat, instant messaging, SMS and Voice talk.

According to Google, this app will be the future of Google voice chat or telephony stuff. It’s a default application in the current version of Android.

Other than Hangouts, Google has also launched similar applications, but not technologically same, they are Google Talk and Google+ messenger.

Google, sooner or later will remove the MMS and SMS feature from Hangouts app. According to the reports, Google is planning to remove these two features in their next update, when will Google do so that is not disclosed till now.

Android have the options to route their multimedia messages and text to either messenger or let Hangouts app to handle them, or use any of the third app to do this job. But very soon Hangouts will not be offering these features, according to the various reports, Google team is testing these days a hangouts app that doesn’t have MMS and SMS function.

Hangout got many complaints and was criticized on this ground, like in 2013 when Google brought up these features together, the users were very confused as there were two panes for instant messages and SMS, this means that even if the user is ending that particular message to the same person through the internet and via SMS too, the text was landing at two different places.

Last year, Google hangouts merge these two features because of all these problems, still the app is facing various bugs issue and performance issues, and it is continuously pushing people to find an alternative.

According to the reports, Google Voice and Project Fi, which are currently works with hangouts app, will be supported by the instant messaging after the result of the disintegration.

Like,  currently no one knows when this step will be taken by Google.