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Snap 360-Degree Photos with any Android Device Using This Cool App


The thing that makes Android powered smartphones so desirable is their versatility. Google’s Android operating system is updated on a monthly basis and it includes a bunch of innovative features. For example, the Google Camera is an app that gives smartphone owners the ability to capture 360-degree photos even though they might not have a high-end camera centric device such as Samsung Gear 360 or HTC RE 360.

Expensive Features for No Price

Google prides itself with the number of features that its operating system offers. Most of them, such as the Google Camera app are specially designed to make it possible for Android fans to receive a premium experience without paying a single dime. We should mention that Google Camera is pre-installed on Pixel devices but it can also be downloaded on any Android powered smartphone.

How to Snap 360-Degree Photos on Android Devices

The first thing that Android fans need to before being able to take 360-degree photos is to download the said Google Camera app. The APK for this app can be found on Google’s official Play Store. Once the app is downloaded, tap on the three lines menu that can be found at the top. After doing this, a number of photo modes will be unveiled and just tap on the Photo-Sphere one.

Now comes the interesting part because a white ring and a blue circle will pop up. In order to capture a high quality 360-degree photo, Android users will need to follow the white circle whilst keeping the blue circle inside the ring at the same time.

All that’s left now is to move the camera’s position so that its able to capture the user’s surroundings and stitch the photo up. Also, worth noting is that different OEMs will equip this feature on their smartphone but it will come under another name.