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Snapchat and Facebook Messenger Declined in Popularity This Year Among School and College Kids


Though Facebook and Instagram still reign supreme among apps, it’s like traveler is losing steam with young users.

A new poll from WayUp queried one thousand school students round the country concerning their favorite apps and located some fairly expected results.

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stay students’ go-to diversion apps.

According to the reports, the bulk of apps that students use revolve around social media. Among smaller brands, students cited Pinterest and Spotify as must-haves.

While variety of apps saw a drop-off in mentions at the start of the varsity year, two apps have continued to take care of student interest. 2 photo-sharing apps, VSCO Cam and Instagram, grew systematically over the year.

What was stunning concerning the study was the highest 3 apps in decline. WayUp found that Facebook traveler, Snapchat, and Venmo were mentioned less and fewer oftentimes over the course of a year. The survey was sent out 5 times throughout 2015 in an endeavor to canvass larger mobile app trends.

However, the list may be a very little deceiving. For example, banking apps en bloc saw a decline from September through Gregorian calendar month of 2015. “Venmo is that the clear favorite among payment apps, cited 5 times additional oftentimes than ensuing most listed app, PayPal,” the study notes.

In total, Venmo graded sixteenth out of all apps, that is huge considering however impartial  school students square measure in monetary apps, as a whole.

Meanwhile, Snapchat is mentioned thirty P.C additional typically than different electronic communication apps. It’s additionally an additional cosmopolitan app, appealing to students across grade level. It’s value noting that Snapchat was on the increase till September hit, once it began to drop off, per WayUp.

Facebook traveler, on the opposite hand, had comparatively consists knowledge. Like, the app saw a small increase in quality from February to September, it declined double the maximum amount as Facebook from September through Gregorian calendar month.

Facebook is additionally sixfold as probably to be listed as a favorite app than traveler, the study found. WayUp says it’s doable that students might have an initio been intrigued by the novelty of traveler once its split from Facebook, however its charm may be sporting off, they say, since it hasn’t introduced new options in an exceedingly whereas. Its recent partnership with Uber might presumably reverse that trend.

The study shows a solacement for traveler. The app is mentioned additional by freshman than seniors, which suggests traveler has a chance to capture Generation Z as they age.