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Snapchat Latest Updates: Birthday Lenses Introduced, Geo-filters at $5


Snapchat has been one of the biggest names in the world of communication technology and has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades for the users.

The company has been growing at a rather rapid pace off late, and has been doing extremely well in the markets, growing steadily.

The company has now crossed 400 million users, and attract a large number of teenagers and young adults. The age groups of 14-25 has been tightly captured by this app, and there are several brands which tend to make use of Snapchat’s services.

The popularity of Snapchat can be determined over the fact that the company has been around the markets for quite some time now, and with just 400 million users, which is 1/4th of what Facebook has at 1.6 Billion users, the statistics for videos on Snapchat are rather surprising – the company has revealed a stat that Snapchat now gets 6 Billion video views per day.

This number is huge compared to the fact that Facebook, with 4x more users than Snapchat, still has just 8 Billion video views per day.

The company has just introduced two new updates for the app.

Birthday Lenses:

Snapchat has now introduced birthday features for the app. Two lenses have been launched in this – for the users who are wishing someone a birthday, or for the users who are celebrating their own birthday.

The users who celebrate their birthday are getting an exclusive lens for that day, and the users who are wishing their friends a birthday wish get a different lens featuring confetti, cakes and more such designs.

The company has introduced this update just one day after Facebook launched their ‘birthday cam’ for iOS. This is the company’s first lens launch since they shut down the lens store in January 2016.


Geofilters are one of the most popular features on the Snapchat application. The users like using these location exclusive features as they can make use of this to announce to their friends for the place they are at or for the event that they are attending.

Snapchat Geofilters are now for sale, as businesses can now buy temporary Geofilters for as less as $5.

The price varies depending on the time for which the filter will be used, as well as for the distance in which it will be applicable. Several thousands of Geofilters are available for free at the moment.