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Snapchat Launches New Feature To Help Users Keep Up With The Latest News Of Any Kind!


Snapchat has added a new Dynamic Stories feature after unveiling the new ASL Language Lens for all of its customers. Consumers will now be able to see news and other noteworthy items in the Discover stream thanks to the new functionality. In other words, Snapchat will make Stories using the online material produced by authorized media organizations and artists. The functionality is currently being evaluated in a small number of nations.

“We always have felt a profound obligation to emphasize information & news that is trustworthy and comes from reputable and clear sources,” said Team Snap in their official press release. Snap claims “using Dynamic Stories – the novel Discover format leverages a partner’s RSS Feed and dynamically produce Stories from the material a publishers is currently publishing on the web,” to add to that. Users will be able to stay up to speed on the latest global news with all these Snap Stories, which will be updated in real-time.

Snapchat is introducing a new feature that will allow users to get a brief summary of the most recent news
Testing of the Dynamic Stories functionality is now taking place in four countries: India (France), the United States, and the United Kingdom. Snapchat has cooperated with a number of news organizations and editorials throughout the globe during the development of the app.

Since it does not enable unpoliced open newsfeed, Snapchat underlines that this does not enable members or publications to disseminate inaccurate and misleading material to a huge audience. According to Snap, “Discover exclusively showcases material from authorized multimedia producers and content creators.” Snap claims.

If you’re interested in learning sign language, you can now use the ASL Alphabet Lens on Snapchat. People may learn American sign language with the new Snap lens. The software instructs users on how to make various hand gestures to symbolize various sign language characters.