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Snapchat Tries To Make Changes On The Interface – Follows Example Set By Hangouts


Snapchat is an application that lets you share pictures and videos and send them across to a group of people you’ve added to your list.

With this application, you can take pictures and send them across to the recipients in the form of ‘snaps’.

These snaps can be views by users who have received them only for a limited amount of time, that is between 1 to 10 seconds only.

After this, the servers automatically deletes these files. Users can also combine pictures into a story like format, in which the pictures can be put together in order of the time they were taken. Stories can generally be viewed for 24 hours.

Snapchat has been considered as one of the fastest growing applications in the world. Almost 7 billion videos are viewed per day and stories are viewed at least 500 million times. But like every other application, this one too, seems to have reached a threshold.

The rising competition has urged the app to move from a completely picture and video based application to introduce at least some text based conversation in the application as well. These developments are still in the making, not all of them have been announced or discussed by Snapchat officially yet.

In fact, a major chunk of them have only been intercepted in the form of rumors, some of which we are going to look at right now.

The news around the internet claims that the mega makeover that Snapchat plans to give to its interface will be based on the kind of features that Facebook Messenger and hangouts has.

Also code named as V2 interface, this change introduces the use of a text based interface in the application as well.

There would be four buttons above the virtual keyboard. The option of sending photos and doing a video chat was already present in snapchat but was not very easily accessible. Now, the option has been made quite easily available in the interface.

Apart from this, users will also be able to send across stickers to each other. The voice calling facility is also going to be introduced.

Some reports have also made it evident that the company will be soon coming up with a video playing option that will reverse the video while playing.

Snapchat has made no statements on these changes yet, so we’ll only have to cross our fingers and wait for the obvious changes.