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Snapdragon 710 – Qualcomm Secures Its Leaderships Over The Mobile Chipset Industry


Qualcomm is an US-based semiconductor manufacturer managed to amass 42% of the profits generated by the sale of mobile chipsets worldwide, at the end of last year. In the second place was Apple, with only 20%. Now, Qualcomm is once again hitting the market with the introduction of the Snapdragon 710, a processor that takes a new step in the Snapdragon series of mobile chipsets, and does so to power the premium mid-range smartphones of the market.

Qualcomm unveiled today its new Snapdragon 710, an eight-core processor manufactured under the 10-nanometer process that achieves a clock speed of 2.2 GHz.

As Qualcomm revealed, the Snapdragon 710 fits between the 600 series and the 800 series, right in the middle between mid-range mobiles like Motorola’s Moto G or Xiaomi Mi and the flagships of the manufacturers like Samsung or LG.

With the launch of the Snapdragon 710, Qualcomm offers a viable alternative to all manufacturers who want to launch a handset within a contained price range but which, at the same time, clearly differentiate themselves from other mid-range handsets in the market.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 – Artificial intelligence, 4G at full speed and the highest level of multimedia experience

If you take a look at the features of the Snapdragon 710, you’ll see that it features a mobile processor that incorporates:

  • 8 Kryo 360 cores (two 2.2 GHz cores and six 1.7 GHz cores);
  • An Adreno 616 chart;
  • 4G LTE from Cat. 15;

And that’s just the basis because it’s actually a processor that incorporates technologies that go far beyond what can be seen in those few numbers of its features.

Qualcomm’s chips have long since become much more than a processor and the best example of this is found in this new model, Snapdragon 710 which will come with artificial intelligence to control image capturing and multimedia playback.

It will depend on each manufacturer whether or not their mobile phones take advantage of all these features, and what Qualcomm is doing with the Snapdragon 710 is laying the groundwork for a more performant mid-range of smartphones.