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Snapdragon 820 Processor For Qualcomm Will Be Manufactured By Samsung


A recent report by Reuters has shocked the tech world – Qualcomm might enlist Samsung for manufacturing the Snapdragon 820 processor chip.

Qualcomm, one of the largest semi conductor chip manufacturers in the world, first launched the Snapdragon range of System on chip microprocessors back in the year 2007.

The following years saw the second generation of the Snapdragon, that is the Krait processor range to be launched.

These were smaller and more powerful; installing them enabled the phones to become slimmer than usual. It was only in 2013 that the Snapdragon 800 series was launched. We are currently awaiting the launch of the Snapdragon 820 SoC to be launched.

The Snapdragon 810, which is the predecessor of the Snapdragon 820 is still currently one of the most popular processors in the mobile world today.

However, the chips are still coping with heating issues and have not been able to receive a fix yet. The Snapdragon 820 however is well equipped to handle overheating issues and have been tested to find that the chip does not face heating.

The semiconductor chip manufacturer had always relied on its long time manufacturing partner, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) for the production of the chipsets. It seems like this alliance would not be taken forward any further, because according to Reuters, Qualcomm has decided to let Samsung do the manufacturing for its high-end semiconductor chip. This seems a little strange and people have questions, but so far Qualcomm has chosen not to answer any.

Samsung on the contrary, seems to be pleased about the deal. In fact, it already has the course of production roughly sketched out. The Korean giant plans to use its new 14nm Low-Power Plus (LPP) process in order to give final form to these tiny man-made mechanical brains.  Samsung has clearly stated that it will be the only one involved in the manufacturing process, which pretty much sends a very clear message across, that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) might have been kicked off the Qualcomm production plans, at least for the Snapdragon 820. What’s more, Samsung has been very clear on the fact that it intends to use this process to make its Exynos processor as well, because the 14nm LPP process can make the chip 15% faster and 15% less power-hungry.

We are still awaiting Qualcomm’s answers to this. Snapdragon 820 by Samsung will be available to phone manufacturers by the first half of 2016.