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SnapTube – How to Download Online Videos on Android


SnapTube is a handy app to have that makes it possible for Android users to watch online videos while offline. Even though streaming online videos without connecting your smartphone to Wi-Fi or mobile data might sound impossible, SnapTube can make this possible and we are going to show you how. With that said, let’s see how everyone can download all the online videos that they want with SnapTube.

Introducing: SnapTube

Before we get into the highlight features of SnapTube, we have to mention that the app is not available to download from the official Google Play Store. SnapTube can download online videos and while this feature might be amazing to have, Google doesn’t agree with it and this is why all Android fans who want to give SnapTube’s features a try need to download the app from its website instead.

How to Download Online Videos with SnapTube

The way that SnapTube makes it possible for everyone to watch any online video that they want while offline is by downloading the said video. SnapTube users can simply fill up their smartphone’s microSD card or internal storage space by downloading all the online videos that they like while they are in their homes, connected to a free and stable Wi-Fi network.

The cool thing about downloading online videos with SnapTube is that anyone can do it. The app is equipped with a user-friendly UI (user interface) which makes it possible for everyone to download online videos.

All that users need to do is to search for online videos that interest them in the app’s search engine which can be found in the UI and then simply tap on the big “download” button once a cool video is found.

Wrapping Things Up

SnapTube is a premium app that makes sure people don’t get bored in their spare time. To make things even better, SnapTube is free to download!