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SnapTube is the Most Advanced Online Video Downloader in the World


There are many apps which are considered as “must-haves”, but most of them pale in comparison with SnapTube. This feature makes sure that users always have something entertaining to do on their smartphones even though they might not have an internet connection. With that being said, today we are going to talk about SnapTube and present all the features that make it a great app to have.

Downloading Online Videos

First and foremost, the best thing about SnapTube is that it excels at downloading online videos. In fact, this feature is what helped SnapTube get so popular and why so many Android fans consider it as a “must-have” app. No one likes wasting all their mobile data after watching a couple of online videos, but this isn’t going to be an issue after installing SnapTube.

People can use SnapTube when they are at home or near a Wi-Fi connection and download every online video that they want. This app supports all the major online streaming platform and its able to take down videos from them in a matter of seconds. Therefore, people can download as many online videos they want and watch them while on the road without needing mobile data.

Video Quality

The developer team behind SnapTube knows that not everyone is able to afford one of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S9 smartphones that has an internal storage memory of 64GB and that’s why they give users the ability to choose their preferred video quality. This feature is amazing for saving storage space, but it can also be used for people who simply wish to download podcasts and just listen to them.

MP3 Convertor

Talking about podcasts, we need to mention that one of SnapTube’s coolest features is a built-in MP3 convertor. Considering the fact that all the major online streaming platforms are filled with virtually every popular song that ever came out, SnapTube users will get to fill up their music library free of charge. In addition, the MP3 convertor can also be used for downloading podcasts only for audio listening purposes.

Special File Manager

Say for example you are planning to leave on a long trip and you will be sitting on the passenger sit, what better way to keep yourself entertained other than downloading lots of cool videos such as vlogs, funny fail compilations, daily news and so on? Well, this why the folks who are in charge of SnapTube have equipped the app with a special file manager.

The reason why this file manager is so special is because it allows SnapTube users to select where they want their videos to be downloaded to. This feature will come in quite handy for people who own smartphones that support microSD cards. Moreover, the file manager can also be used to select lots of videos at the same time and delete them after they’ve been viewed.

It’s Free to Download!

Hands down, the most amazing thing about SnapTube is that its free to download. Even though SnapTube is a premium-level app, it doesn’t cost one dime! This is why SnapTube has been downloaded for more than 40 million times and why it received over 10 million likes. These statistics are super impressive and it shows us that SnapTube’s services are great.

Searching for Videos

Lastly, we need to mention that searching for new videos is going to be super easy with SnapTube. The app has a pre-installed “search” feature that will automatically search for keywords on all the popular video streaming platforms. For example, users can type in “vlogs” and the app will list all the latest vlogs.