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Snaptube Premium Offers VIP Accounts That Don’t Feature Any Ads


Snaptube is a great app that gives users the ability to watch all their favorite videos, movies and TV shows directly on their smartphones. The best thing about Snaptube is that it can download content from all popular online streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and even social media platforms like Instagram.

Annoying Ads

However, there is one downside to using Snaptube. Even though this app is renowned for the premiums services and user experience that it offers, it shows ads. While this might not be such a bad thing because the app is free to use and the developers need to generate revenue somehow, these ads can get in the way of watching videos.

Premium Snaptube

Luckily for people who hate having to watch ads before getting to enjoy their favorite shows, there is a premium edition of Snaptube. This special edition has been designed for Android users who wish to enjoy a better video downloading and viewing experience. The main highlight of Snaptube Premium is the fact that it removes all ads! Although, that’s not all since Snaptube Premium also features higher resolution videos.

VIP Account

The way that Snaptube fans get to enjoy from the Premium edition of the app is by creating a VIP account. The VIP Snaptube account features a monthly subscription system that charges $1.99 per month. People who chose to pay this subscription will receive the official Snaptube VIP APK and become a trusted sponsor of the app. Here are some of the biggest features that this special edition of Snaptube offers:

  • VIP users get to enjoy full HD, 2K and 4K pixel resolution videos while offline;
  • Every internal app is going to be removed from Snaptube’s user interface;
  • All main in-app adds will be removed as well.