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Snaptube vs Tubemate vs Vidmate – Which One is the Best?


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One of the best ways to pass free time is to watch online videos. This makes platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo a great source of entertainment, especially since thousands of new videos are being uploaded daily. However, there is one big downside to watching online videos, people need to be connected to a stable internet network.

Not everyone is able to afford a rich mobile data plan, and this makes it impossible for people to get all the entertainment they need while traveling. Although, there are three Android apps which specialize in downloading online videos.

Snaptube vs Tubemate vs Vidmate

The three apps we are talking about are known as Snaptube, Tubemate and Vidmate. They all do the same thing which is downloading online videos at fast speeds. Furthermore, all three apps are packed with cool features such as a built-in MP3 converter, file manager and wide range of support for online streaming platform.

With that being said, the question that remains is which one is better? Considering that all three apps are equipped with similar features, the only way we can decide which one is better is by comparing the speeds at which they download videos.

Which One is Better?

In order to test out the video downloading capabilities of Snaptube, Tubemate and Vidmate, we started downloading a 29MB full HD video from YouTube. We used the same smartphone and Wi-Fi connection with all apps so that the competition level is equal.

Snaptube’s download speed measured in at 942 kb/s, Tubemate’s speed at 900 kb/s while Vimdate completely overshadow both by downloading the video at 7.5 mb/s. Therefore, Vidmate seems to be the better choice when it comes to downloading online videos in full HD quality.