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SnapTube – Watching Online Videos Without Wi-Fi or Mobile Data


Having a smartphone around will prove to be quite useful. Not only can people get in touch with their family and friends through the simple tap of the screen, but smartphones can provide people with all other cool features such as getting navigation routes, finding important information and even entertainment!

Mobile Entertainment

Even though smartphones might not ship with the largest displays, their mobility makes them great for entertainment purposes. What better way to not get bored during a long trip than to watch some cool online videos? People can also tune it to their favorite TV shows or movies through apps such as Netflix and HBO Go for example.

On the downside of things, mobile entertainment is highly dependent on a stable internet connection. Therefore, people who don’t have mobile data or a Wi-Fi network around their vicinity will not be able to stream videos on their smartphones. Well, this is where SnapTube comes in.


SnapTube is a mobile cross platform app that can be used to download online videos. This means that SnapTube is available for both Android and iOS fans. Moreover, SnapTube can also be installed on PC operating systems by using an Android emulator such BlueStacks.

Downloading Online Videos

Hands down, the best feature that SnapTube has to offer is its ability to download all sorts of online videos. SnapTube supports all the biggest video streaming platforms in the world and its able to take down videos from them in a matter of seconds.

Speed is important and SnapTube’s developers made sure to equip the app with a special download manager which helps its enhance download speeds. SnapTube uses multiple thread connections which means that it downloads parts of the desired video from different sources in order to boost the average download speed.

Endless Content

Considering the fact that SnapTube supports all the biggest video streaming platforms in the world, we think its safe to say that SnapTube fans are never going to run out of fresh content to watch. Nearly all video streaming platforms are user-based and this means that thousands of original new videos are being uploaded daily.

MP3 Convertor

Another great feature that makes SnapTube a “must-have” for nearly all smartphones is its pre-installed MP3 converter. The internet is filled with music videos and SnapTube fans can download and convert them to MP3 files without having to rely on a third party app.

With that being said, SnapTube gives its users a great alternative to listening to songs through apps such as Spotify or SoundCloud which require mobile data or Wi-Fi in order to function properly. Also, worth noting is that SnapTube fans expand their music library because all artists upload their newest songs on video streaming platforms.

Simple to Use

While downloading online videos and converting them to MP3 files might sound like a complicated task, this couldn’t be more far away from the truth. SnapTube’s developers want the app to be used by anyone and not just people with extensive software knowledge and that’s why they equipped it with a simple to use UI (user interface).

For example, the only thing that SnapTube fans need to do in order to download an online video is to copy/paste the video’s URL address into SnapTube’s UI. There is an even simpler way of downloading videos than that!

SnapTube ships with a built-in search browser which can be used to search for videos via keywords. Therefore, SnapTube fans will be able to get Kanye West’s latest song by simply typing in his name in the search browser.