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Solitaire Collection Update Available on iOS


Microsoft’s card game, Solitaire is the best way to pass time whenever waiting for something like for your internet connection to come back. Microsoft added Solitaire to their Windows PCs over 25 years ago and almost everyone who owned a Windows PC played Solitaire. Great news iOS users, Solitaire has been made compatible with Apple’s iOS as well. The game includes fives card games and daily changes that are surely going to entertain you.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

The collection includes the following five Solitaire modes: Tripeaks, Pyramid, Klondike, Spider and the most popular one FreeCell. If you are a loyal iOS user and never used a Windows PC, you don’t need to worry since the games will come with detailed instructions on how to play them.

  • Tripeaks

In this game mode the player will have to select cards in numeral sequence to be able earn combo points and he can finish the game after clearing all the boards. What makes the game interesting is that it only gives the player a limited amount of deals.

  • Pyramid

In order to earn score points the player has to combine cards numbers that equal the number 13 and by doing this the player can reach the top of the Pyramid.

  • Klondike

The Klondike mode is the basic Solitaire version and it can be defeated by clearing the card board using three card draws.

  • Spider

The card board is made out of eight columns and the best way to earn points is to clear the board with only the fewest moves possible. This game can get quite tricky since it can be played in a single suite or in four suits, that’s surely going to challenge the player.

  • FreeCell

FreeCell players have to think in advance, just like in a game of chess if they want to clear the board. The players have to use the four extra cells in which they can move cards.



  1. It’s a shame that there’s no new achievements, but at least I won’t forget to do daily challenges

  2. Yeah it’s sad that Microsoft shows more support for ios and android now than for it’s own platform. At least I can recruit my wife now to grind some achievements.

  3. I’d like to see more of this. There is no reason MS couldn’t implement more mobile games into iOS along with time stamps and such so that when we achieve something we get credit instead of the “earned offline” or whatever. I know MS spent a lot to get windows phone out there, but come on. They are getting trounced by iOS and android. Heck even Apple realized that no body wanted or cared about their Game Center/ achievements.

    Give me xbla integration on iOS for mobile games and I’ll be a happy camper.

  4. my family will be pleased as they are all ios or android. just me left with win phone. i’m due for an upgrade and there’s no wp to upgrade to, i like my wp and will just keep it on sim only and hope surface phone isn’t a dreamsleep

  5. Whoops, commented before reading the entire story. Still, it will make it easier for me to complete the game.

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