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Solutions For The Most Common Snaptube Issues


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Snaptube is one of the decent software for downloading from Youtube. However, as with all software, nothing is 100% without bugs. Compared to other apps, Snaptube is definitely the most stable, however it can have hiccups too. And as chance would have it, it might happen right when you want to download that sweet new track from your favorite artist. So here we come into play, telling you how to fix the most common problems you may have with the app!

The app crashed

This usually happens due to the heavy load on the RAM of your phone, maybe because of running lots of other applications in the background, in parallel with Snaptube.

This issue is fixed by going into your settings menu, navigating to All Apps, finding Snaptube and clearing its cache. You can also try clearing some unused/unwanted apps from your phone to free up space.

The app will not download

The official Snaptube app doesn’t exist on the Play Store, and there are lots of fakes, badly-made clones or simply outdated versions out there on the Internet. Some websites have broken or expired links. Therefore, there is a high chance you did not get the right app or the right version, which of course lead to this issue.

To fix this issue, you can simply download the latest version of Snaptube from our verified source, which will surely work better.

Other general issues

If there is something else going wrong with your app, we might have a few ideas on how to fix it. You can try going to the app settings and clearing its cache and application data, or even uninstalling it altogether and redownloading it from the link we gave you earlier.

Other than that, you could check what Snaptube is allowed to do on your device and if it does not have all the permissions it needs, allow them. If you do not have enough RAM on your device, you could use a third-party application like CCleaner to free up some of the memory and unnecessary local files.


That’s about what we have for issues and their possible fixes. Did we miss anything? Is the app still not working right? If any of these is true, make sure to leave a comment down below and tell us what’s going on. We will go ahead and try to help you!