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Sony is busy making Smartphone batteries with more than 40 percent capacity


While the industry struggles to make any major advancement’s to the lithium-ion batteries, Sony may have found a different combination to increase energy density.

According to the reports, the Japanese conglomerate is working on two battery combinations to replace lithium-ion batteries.

Sony is working on magnesium-sulphur and lithium-sulphur batteries that will give a 40 percent gain in density by volume, according to the reports Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the company is currently aiming to make these batteries commercially available in 2020.

As per reports, smartphones will be the first to benefit by this new advancement.

Lithium-ion batteries, for more than two decades, had almost touching heights in terms of energy density.

This has left the smartphone companies with no option than to accommodate a large battery to stuff more into the device.

As per information, Sony is working out on such a big challenge, as it takes a very long time to test these recharges, so is Sony coming up with something new?

According to the reports, Sony will be solving these technical issues very soon, as the lithium-sulphur batteries heat very frequently, but this is not the first time company is coming up with their words to solve the batteries issue. Over years no advancement could be made.

In June, Samsung introduced the technology that could double the lithium-ion capacity of the battery.

But as per reports there are no such rumors coming up in, but on the other hand if Sony comes up to the desired level of the battery matter, then surely company would gain up a very large profit out of it.