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Sony PlayStation 4 Controllers Update to Beat Xbox One’s?


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Sony’s Play Station console and Microsoft’s Xbox have been rivals since the first day they were released. The comparison war between these two consoles will never end, and that’s why every move Microsoft or Sony make regarding console upgrades is going to be closely analyzed by players.  Sony has just signed a two new controller that is compatible with the Play Station 4, in hopes that this new controller will win the comfort-ability debate for them.

One of the new controllers is the Nacon Revolution. This controller resembles the model Xbox has used for their controller. The Nacon Revolution will also come with a computer software that gives the user the option to map the controller’s buttons which way they like. The release has not been yet announced, but its expected to drop around Christmas, also the price of the Nacon Revolution has not been announced yet.

The second third party console that comes to PS4 players it’s going to be Razer’s Raiju. Razer are known for creating top end gaming gear. Reports show that the new Razer Raiju is designed especially for eSports tournaments. The console will come with a 3m long USB braided cable that is compatible with PS4’s system. The features Razer Raiju will bring to the Play Station 4 are trigger-stop switches, hair-trigger mode so the trigger responds at faster rates, a 3.5mm head set jack that will have audio controls like the mute option, or to change the volume, it will also come with extra bumpers and detachable triggers, a new built-in control panel on front side of the controller, detachable analog stick rubber cap that will give the player a better grip on the analog stick and also two new custom profiles that the player can swap between them instantly.


  1. LOL Xbone S isn’t even as good as the PS4 Slim:

    -Costs the same as the PS4 Slim
    -Xbone Worst network
    -Worst UI
    -PS4 Slim has HDR also
    -Xbone S doesn’t have a replaceable hard drive
    -Xbone S has less players
    -Xbone S has worst versions of multiplats because it is weaker than the PS4 Slim
    -Xbone has less games
    -No Spotify
    -No Remote Play
    -No PlayStation Vue
    -No VR
    -No PS Now
    -No PS2 games
    -No Bloodborne
    -No Uncharted
    -No God of War
    -No Horizon Zero Dawn
    -No GT Sport
    -No more Spiderman

    Almost all Xbone exclusives are on PC. Only thing Xbone is good for is if you like being lied to and screwed over by DRM and AA batteries in a worse controller. Xbone screws it’s customers and does 180s when they lose.

  2. You are such a Sony Pony it hurts. a lot of what you put in your list either is no longer valid or was never really valid.

    “xbone worst network” – You might be the only person i have ever seen who says that xbox live is worse than playstations network. Xbox live has always been better and worked better, and at the very least they are equals.
    “worst UI” – Are you still talking about the old UI because they have changed it like 3 times now. I have both and i can tell you right now that each has issues in their own right, but one really isnt better than the other. Whatever floats your boat though i guess.
    “PS4 has HDR also” – Well if they both have this same feature than it really isnt a one-up for playstation is it? so why list it in your qualification for the PS4 being better.
    “Xbone S doesn’t have a replaceable hard drive” – It sure doesn’t, but it does have external hard drive support. Which means that i was able to add a terabyte without unscrewing anything, just plug and play basically.
    “Xbone S has less players” – There may have been more PS4s sold, but most of them are collecting dusk. There was a recent report released stating that there are more hours log by people playing xbox rather than PlayStation.
    “Xbone S has worst versions of multiplats because it is weaker than the PS4 Slim” – I wont argue this, as it has been proven. What i will argue is that the differences are negligible at best. I have yet to be able to tell the differences between the two when digital foundry does their side by side comparisons.
    “Xbone has less games” – Only if you are including Indy games, and nobody buys a console based off the indy titles that are on it.
    “No Spotify” – I will definitely agree with you on Spotify, because groove music on xbone could use some work. But there is also Pandora, so at least there are some music options. Plus with one drive and media player you can stream any song from you computer.
    “No Remote Play” – Oooh you mean that Vita thing that is hardly supported anymore. Yeah well ill take Microsofts new play anywhere strategy over that remote play all day.
    “No PlayStation Vue” – The xbox took care of this issue from day one by having the hdmi passthrough. Why would I cancel my cable subscription just to buy another one from Sony, when I can simply pass my current cable through my xbone and control everything (including my surround sound system and tv) just one controller or a media remote.
    “No VR” – There isn’t any VR on playstation either yet, so if you are talking about future plans than the same can be said for the scorpio, as it too will support VR. Oh and im sorry but there is no way that playstion slim can play AAA games in VR at even decent quality. You are going to need the
    Pro for that.
    “No PS Now” – Ok now I know your crazy because you think a service that charges you to play old games you already own is better than one that give them to you for free.
    “No PS2 games” – Lol why is this even one of your points man. Playstation doesn’t have xbox 360 games, so whats is your point. And once again you still have to pay for those games that you have already paid for.
    The rest of what you put in your list is just games that are exclusive to PS4, which xbone has just as many of their own games, and before you go “but but but they are also on PC”, of course they are. Why would Microsoft not try to make money on their windows platform, and how can that even be considered a negative for gamers.
    “Only thing Xbone is good for is if you like being lied to and screwed over by DRM” – You do know that they got rid or the DRM requirements before the xbone even released right? Not to mention DRM check-ins are going to be everywhere once discs die out, so not doing it is just delaying the inevitable.
    “AA batteries in a worse controller” – you can get a rechargeable battery pack for $10 and you can plug in the controller to make it a wired one. The xbox 360 controller is widely considered to be one of the best controllers ever made, and the xbox one controller is only slightly different. Enter the elite controller and your argument falls to pieces.

    Man i was pretty board here at work on the night shift, but this made a good chunk of time fly by. Im glad your passionate enough to defend your console of choice, but the only one-up PS4 has that i can find in your list is Spotify, and I can get that on any phone or PC.

  3. Well I agree and disagree. Your counter arguments are great and this is coming from a Sony preference commenter. My preferences are PS4 > PC > Xbox > Nintendo…. although now a days I’m playing more mobile games ironically.

    Anyway I’m very much opposed to fanboys regardless of their views because to be quite frank, they’re idiots, so I commend your response. However I have some things I wanted to clarify.

    PS4 has PC and Mac remote play, much like Xbox does on PC. Xbox’s Play Anywhere isn’t remote play per se, it’s more like a cloud save allow PC type of thing which I idolize myself, but it does make me turning on my Xbox far less frequent now that I can just play them on PC.

    Xbox UI isn’t my cup of tea either, but as you mentioned it’s preference and I prefer PS Vue over cable as well, I love the “al la carte” mentality. Pay for what I will actually watch. I have Comcast 300 Mbps internet, so cutting cost on cable TV allows for this extra bandwidth. Being a work from home fellow it’s certainly appreciated.

    The rest of both arguments, I can take or leave. They’re both good in their own rights, but very minor for this end user. I personally don’t care. I either have work arounds or it’s minor enough that I don’t notice.

  4. I think it’s you that is the fanboy by defending the XB1 S. You can always spot fanboys. They resort to name calling like Pony or $ony. They resort to tribalism and show lack of respect for the ‘peasants’ in the other tribe.

    Fanboys basically flag themselves up because they cannot help it. Actually the best one I’ve seen which actually made me laugh because it was quite clever, was F4Ke. But even that fails to understand that you can deliver a high quality 4K image at the output via smart upscaling tech if you start with a high pixel count.

    Regarding that claim that more xbox gamers are logged in than Playstation gamers. That is the propaganda MS are using to hide the actual sales rate and you believe it as if it’s some sort of independent survey. A lot of xbox users logged in will just be watching movies not playing games, because the XB1 is a multimedia console. And PS4 has a larger variety of games so PS4 gamers are spread across them. You don’t get the same concentration of gamers on a single game like Halo, so quoting how many are logged on playing Halo just means they have not a lot else to play instead.

    Plus there are 40 million PS4 gamers and only 20 million XB1 gamers. If a PS4 gamer plays 3 hours a day, XB1 gamers will have to play 6 hours a day just to match it. That’s a big ask, even if you allow for some PS4 gamers not actually playing that day. I would say that humans are the same everywhere and would play the same amount on each console. Fanboys and racists will argue different.

    All your statements basically negate any difference between the two because they agree some things are equal and others are personal taste. That just leaves raw power to deliver better gaming. PS4 Pro wins outright and is a no brainer costing only $100 more. Even the PS4 S wins.

    Only a fanboy would continue arguing to defend the XB1 S.

  5. “But the only-one up PS4 has that I can find in your list is spotify”? Dude, you buy a games console to play games and Sony still has better and more Tripple A exclusives. You can only play so much of Halo. Microsoft’s main franchises come in 2 forms, racers(Forza series),fps(Halo series) then they introduce one or two new IPs if your luck like quantum break which was shit by the way.

    Meanwhile Sony introduce new IPs to the PS4 like Until Dawn,Zero Dawn Horizon,Detroit Becoming Human, Days Gone in addition to existing exclusive franchises like God Of War 4 which completely takes the series in a new direction and will feel like a new IP unlike the next Gears of war which will simply be more of the same with nicer graphics. Then there are games like Uncharted 4, spiderman and Street fighter 5. You see, there is something for every type of gamer then when you throw in the Ratchet and Clank series and The Last Guardian there is more than enough to justify choosing Sony over Microsoft this Gen.

    I’m not even a Playststion fan boy. If xbox brought out games worth me buying one for, I would do so happily.

    Microsoft are trying to over compensate the way a middle aged balding guy with a thumb cock runs out and buys a new shiny red Ferrari. Most of Microsoft Xbox one’s(one s) features are novelty at best and will phase out like Kinnect.

    Physical media will soon be something of the past. Microsoft arrived late to the party when they finally decided to include Blu Ray to xbox one. I’ve had Blu Ray since 2007 when I bought my original PS3 and I no longer play my Blu Ray discs, I stream HD movies on line and use air play from my IPad.

    UHD will not take off the way Blu Ray did back in 2006. Blu Ray 3D didn’t even do that well hence why tv manufacturers are dropping 3D functionality from future TVs. Once the initial hype of UHD dies down people will be streaming UHD movies instead of replacing their Existing Blu Ray collection with a new UHD one which is probably why Sony opted to leave out a UHD drive on the playstation 4 pro. They’re thinking ahead.

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