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Sony To Release PlayStation 5 In The Upcoming Years: Know The Details


Known to be a company which keeps coming out with update after update for their existing devices, Sony has truly been a giant in the world of consumer technology.

From television sets to refrigerators to mobile phones – Sony has indeed been a dominating name in the markets of technology. The company has been around for a fairly long time, and has been rather successful in the markets.

The company is also known for their venture into the console business, and especially for their PS4 device. The PlayStation 4 is arguably one of the best consoles ever released by Sony, and has had a tremendous run in the markets. However, keeping the future in mind, the company is now working towards building a PlayStation 5 console too.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 seems like a far-away project to many at the moment, but the work has indeed begun on the device. With virtual reality getting more mainstream than ever before, the next-gen PlayStation 5 console will be crafted keeping in mind the needs of the markets of the future.

It is expected to be an extremely high-tech device which will come out with an incredible configuration keeping Virtual and Augmented realities in mind.

Talking about Virtual Reality, Sony just released their PlayStation VR device, which comes out at $399.

One of the biggest speculations at the moment is, that the device might come out into the markets as a hard-disk free device and will completely run on the cloud platform! Installing games would become much faster as the users would directly have to install them on the cloud.

However, conflicting reports have indicated that Sony might still keep the hard-disks as an opt-in option to support smaller developers, at least for the PS5.

Another element that is expected to be a part of the PlayStation 5 device is expected to be that of a virtual assistant and many features on the device would become voice-only. A similar change has been anticipated for the XBOX One-X device, where Cortana is expected to play a major role moving forward.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is expected to bring in a much needed change in the design too, and as of now we are not aware of what the exact change might be, but it is expected the company will do away with the plastic body of the PS5 and introduce a lightweight, shiny metallic element along with the plastic.