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Spider-Man & Miles Morales Fortnite Rumors: Web Shooters Return + Next Leak

Credit: Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

As shown in a leaked report, web-shooters might be making a comeback in Fortnite, along with a fresh Miles Morales avatar. Another Spider-Man character, Miles Morales, is said to be heading to Fortnite, following Peter Parker & Mary Jane Watson.

Seasonal material is a fundamental aspect of the Fortnite gameplay. Players may now swing over the battlefield like the famous webhead thanks to the inclusion of Spider-Mythic Man’s web-shooters in Fortnite’s Chapter 3 launch. Regardless of the fact that several gamers liked these web-shooters and that they brought gaming benefits, especially in the finale of Fortnite battles, they were deleted from the game after Chapter 3, Second season came.

However, it is conceivable that these gamers may return, as shown in a Twitter post from HYPEX, the most famous Fortnite tipster to date. HYPEX’s tweet indicates that perhaps the Spider-Man Mythic got upgraded on April 19 and also that the cinematography was improved. Mythic web-shooter pickups, which inevitably affect how the camera operates in-game, HYPEX predicts that web-shooters will be returning at some time. These two dumps may be linked because of the timing of the Miles Morales cosmetic leak, according to publications.

For Fortnite, bringing back web-shooters in this manner would be logical. Miles Morales and this Mythic pickup were two of the greatest loved upgrades to Fortnite, so pairing them together looks like a winning formula. A number of recent leaks have said that Miles Morales will be joining Fortnite and that it would make more logic for someone like him to join the game with web-shooters, given the prevalence of the Mythic, than for him to join the game without them.

There has been zero official confirmation from Epic Games on this, but so many Fortnite enthusiasts already are speculating that the character of Miles Morales may be included.