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Star Citizen $27,000 Add-On Pack Available Right Now


Star Citizen is an upcoming space exploration game that focuses on multiplayer gameplay, RPG missions and exploring the vast space. The interesting thing about the game is that it’s renowned for being the most successful crowdfunding project in the world with a total of $185 million raised through donations. To make things even crazier, the developers who are in charge of Star Citizen raised $35 million only in 2017!

Star Citizen $27,000 Add-On Pack

Even though the full game has yet to be released, the developers decided to launch a special add-on pack called The Legatus Pack. There are many games which charge lots of money for in-game rewards, but Star Citizen takes the cake because the aforementioned Legatus Pack is priced at $27,000.

To make things even more interesting, the pack is available only for people who already spent $1,000 on the game. Star Citizen fans who spent $1,000 on the game can access this webpage and see what the add-on pack contains. Although, that is not necessary since we already know everything that $27,000 gets you in Star Citizen.

Unlock All the Ships

The first thing we need to mention about The Legatus Pack is that the developers have released it as a joke. They don’t expect anyone to spend that much money on the game and they wish no one does. The developers want players to explore the content by themselves and to unlock everything manually and have fun while doing so.

Nonetheless, the $27,000 add-on pack unlocks all 117 space ships that Star Citizen features. Not just that, but the add-on pack also contains 163 additional items such as in-game upgrades, weapons, and character skins.

Final Thoughts

Some people are saying that the Star Citizen’s developers are mocking companies such as EA for example which are making their games “pay to win” with random loot boxes. Furthermore, everything that The Legatus Pack features can be unlocked without having to pay a dime.


  1. This was not a joke.
    I know this seems crazy from the outside looking in but this was something asked for by the hardcore donating fans of the project. most of them have already spent this much or near it and probably just melted their pledges for store credit to spend on this pack, others banded together in their huge organizations to pay for one as a group. Ultimately people who pledge this much don’t even view it as just a game, it’s their dream project and they want to see it finished so they will keep throwing their disposable income at CIG rather than on hobbies as long as the company remains transparent about it’s development and keeps showing their progress like they have been for 5 years.

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