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StartMonday is Now an Official Partner of New York’s Talent Tech Labs


StartMonday just announced that it is an official partner of the Manhattan-based Talent Tech Labs (TTL) and they will combine their powers to enhance the late-stage accelerator program which is focused on selecting mature startups for the North American marketplace.

Talent Tech Labs is a known sector leader in the industry of knowledge and analysis of emerging technologies and trends which enhance the art of recruitment.


This company is renowned for helping employers choose the best candidates to fill the jobs they need. Not only that, but StartMonday also helps employers pick employees through a 15-second introduction video which makes the process much easier and faster.

StartMonday has a special mobile and web application that can be used by people to highlight their skills, personality and character traits. This makes it possible for employers to omit having to meet face-to-face with candidates and it enhances the process of hiring people by making it faster, easier and better.

Talent Tech Labs

On the other hand, we have Talent Tech Labs which managed to track over 1,5000 technology companies since 2012. Talent Tech labs introduced a bunch of investors towards the latest technology trends and helped them acquire the candidates they need.

Moreover, Talent Tech Labs is led by Brian Delle Done who is an industry veteran that has more than the necessary experience to drive a company like this. Brian Delle Done was also the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Innovation and Mitchell Martin Inc.

Nonetheless, this is what Ray Gibson who is the CO-Founder and CEO of StartMonday had to say about this latest partnership: “We are extremely pleased to have been selected for the TTL accelerator program. This is a limited and very influential opportunity that has previously proven its worth at propelling entry into the U.S. marketplace”.