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Steam Christmas Crackdown – Security Flaw Exposes Information Of Users To Each Other


A few weeks back, we saw a lot of discussion regarding Steam and its security issues. What Steam had said had already been fixed apparently hasn’t.

This holiday, Steam has had another big goof up in terms of protecting your information.

On Christmas, just when users were enjoying gaming, Valve’s server seemed to give away and users who had logged off were apparently not really logged out.

Their information continued to be on the server and was surprisingly exposed to other users for a good one hour, before the issues seemed to dissipate.

Moreover, the Valve store seemed to be gone – this is the first time in days since the store was noted to be offline.

Alarmed users raised concern over this. The fact that they were able to see sensitive information like Steam account pages of other users, their login Ids, email addresses and even their Steam wallet put them into a panic mode – perhaps their information was also being exposed to someone else.

Users raised questions as to why Steam Guard and Steam Mobile Authenticator, both of which are the real protectors of Steam users identity were not able to offer any protection from their end.

Spokesmen from Valve were faced with a battery of questions. Panicked users and concerned reporting sites demanded and answer for this unacceptable flaw, to which they replied by saying that the unfortunate happening was a result of a technical issue that took place when the configuration change was made on the server.

The issue was related to information caching and unfortunately mad this major problem.

The issue has now been fixed, the spokesman said. He assured the users that the protection was down only for less than an hour, but the company had ensured that they look after all the accounts.

He guaranteed the users that no unauthorized transactions had been allowed during this time and everyone’s accounts were safe.

The Valve system faced this security meltdown when almost 10.6 million out of their 125 million users were logged in on the Christmas day.

The Mac, Linux and Windows platform users were all affected. Some users have still reported that the company website was not functioning the way it should, even though the spokesman from Valve reported things had been taken care of.

Apparently, there is still some problem somewhere and Valve is not being able to figure out what that is.