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Steam Summer Sale Will Starts Today with New Discounts


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If you usually purchase games from Steam, then you probably know that there are also some sales during winter or summer. Well, the Steam Summer Sale is about to start soon and we suggest you to get ready for some huge discounts on your favorite games.

First of all, we need to mention that the sale is scheduled to begin at 6MP BST and even if it is not yet official, it will end on July 5, 2017. We need to agree that summer is not the best season for video games, but for some reason, this is when Steam is offering lots of games at a very cheap price.

We have to agree that during the year, there are many special deals and offers on Steam, but this sale you should definitely not miss, as there will not be any other one until Halloween in October.

If you will pay via PayPal, then you should know that you will also receive a £5 discount if you spend a minimum of £20. This is surely one of the best moments when you can purchase some awesome game at a 75-90% price reduction.

We have to mention that this is almost the exact time when the Steam’s summer sale started last year. Unfortunately, if you are interested in purchasing some new titles, then we’re sorry for you, as they will most likely not be included in the sale. However, you might see about 5% off for the new games, but there won’t be any big discounts.

We suggest you to just wait for the Steam Summer Sale to start and think twice when you are about to purchase a game. The bad news is that you won’t be able to purchase the games as “gifts” anymore, so if you have some saved cash in your Steam wallet then you will be able to purchase games only for yourself.