Home Finance Stellar Lumens and Ripple XRP are Heading Into an Inevitable War

Stellar Lumens and Ripple XRP are Heading Into an Inevitable War


The last year was amazing for Ripple having grown in value by over 36,000% thus, the expectations were high for 2018. Seeing how Ripple’s price skyrocketed throughout 2017, experts classified it as the best performing cryptocurrency of 2017.

The question that’s sitting in everyone’s minds right now is if history is going to repeat itself during 2018? This is hard to tell, especially since Ripple keeps clashing with Stellar Lumens.

Stellar Lumens Rises

While everyone was paying attention to how well Ripple is performing, Stellar Lumens was slowly gaining value. Now that 2018 is here, Stellar Lumens stole the spotlight from Ripple by showing a massive growth which put its price at $0.580081. In addition, the total market capitalization for Stellar lumens sits at over $10 billion.

Ripple and Stellar Lumens Share the Same Founder

The most interesting thing about these two cryptocurrencies is that they are created by the same founder. Jed McCaleb is one of the Ripple’s co-founders and he left the team in order to create his own cryptocurrency, Stellar Lumens.

The reason why Jed McCaleb left the Ripple team is because he didn’t the share the same views as his colleagues and he wanted to create a better product. With that being said, we can safely say that Stellar Lumens is designed to surpass Ripple.

Stellar Lumens Has an Edge in This Fight

While the fight between Ripple and Stellar Lumens is just starting, we can already tell that it’s going to be a tough one. The one thing that investors need to take in consideration is that despite sharing the same founder, there are a couple of key differences between these cryptocurrencies and one of them is giving Stellar Lumens an advantage.

Unlike Ripple, Stellar Lumens is focused on companies and individuals who don’t have anything to do with banks. This cryptocurrency offers a decentralized system that gives everyone the freedom to use its services while Ripple is designed to support banks.