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Stellar Lumens Surges to $0.45 and Then Loses $3.6 Billion Overnight, but Makes a Comeback


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These past few weeks have been filled with ups and downs for Stellar Lumens. This cryptocurrency has been on a wild ride but now, things are starting to look good. Despite the small price per token of $0.399086, there has always been optimism regarding Stellar Lumens in the crypto community and now we’re finally starting to see why.

Wild Ride

As previously mentioned, Stellar Lumens has been on a wild ride but this is the case with every top 100 cryptocurrencies. The last year was amazing for nearly all top 100 cryptocurrencies and people were expecting 2018 to kick off even stronger, but things didn’t go according to plan and the market crashed. Not only that, but the market didn’t seem to be making a comeback which caused investors to lose confidence.

However, Stellar Lumens surged to $0.45 in less than 24 hours and now it dropped to $0.399086. While the price per token might not be that impressive, it’s worth noting that Stellar Lumens is still sitting at a 9.11% premium in comparison with the price it had yesterday.

Losing Billions Over Night

Even though Stellar Lumens is up by a couple of cents, the total market capitalization went from a high of $8.6 billions to $5. This is an incredible jump and the fact that $3.6 billions managed to disappear overnight shows us how highly volatile the market can be.

On the bright side, the total market capitalization for Stellar Lumens is now sitting at $7.3 billion which gives us confidence that it will make a full comeback in the upcoming days. Seeing how Stellar Lumens keeps growing, this makes us wonder if buying now is the best option for new investors?

Or will Stellar Lumens drop a couple of billion dollars again? This is the type of decision that makes investing in the cryptocurrency market not for the feint of heart.