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Stellar (XLM) Has Recently Partnered Up With KeyBase – Will XLM Reach $1?


Stellar (XLM) has recently partnered up with Keybase and decided to invest up to $2 million. This new partnership could bring a new and easy-to-use way the cryptocurrency transactions are conducted. But will the Stellar-Keybase partnership help XLM reach $1?

About Keybase

Established in 2014, Keybase is designed to improve end-to-end encryption, which aims to secure $10.8 million in venture capital.

The core of the Keybase technology is based on the repository for public keys, so the data can be encrypted in all user devices without the need to process cumbersome PGP keys.

KeyBase is the co-founder of OKCupid and many other projects.

Accordingly, Stellar will invest in the KeyBase to build an XLM ecosystem.

Will the Stellar-KeyBase partnership help the XLM reach $1?

At the moment of this writing, Stellar (XLM) is the 7th cryptocurrency by market cap with $5,788,118,099.

Right now, the XLM is trading at $0.31 increasing by 7.95% in the last 24 hours.

With the new deal, the Stellar (XLM) adoption rate will increase and the crypto coin will gain more appreciation and value, at the same time.

Besides, the investors will definitely be attracted by Stellar (XLM) soon, therefore, the coin will grow up in value.

Taking all these into account, Stellar-KeyBase partnership will help XLM reach $1 in the near future.

What will Stellar (XLM) bring for the KeyBase’s users?

Using the blockchain technology, Stellar (XLM) is backed by pre-regulatory that can be easily cross-bordered.

With Stellar (XLM), the cross-border payments will be instantaneous and cheaper than the regular methods used today as the transactions will be conducted via XLM blockchain network.

But while most technology companies find it difficult to build a machine for efficient cryptocurrency integration, the KeyBase can make it be a much easier process.

The deal is meant to ease up the process of sending money because it will make it possible for users of social media to send money by just a few clicks without involving banks and online payment processors.

In conclusion, the Stellar-KeyBase deal will increase the XLM adoption rate and will open new roads outside financial field for the Stellar (XLM) network. Thus, Stellar (XLM) will reach $1 soon.

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