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Stellar (XLM) Leading the Way in Cryptocurrency Market Recovery


The cryptocurrency market took a big hit during the past week. The crash caused the cryptocurrency market’s total capitalization to drop to $275 billion which is even lower than the previous month’s crash. Just take for example Bitcoin which hit an all month low of $7,500. While things were looking bad last week, the cryptocurrency is now making a comeback with Stellar (XLM) leading the way.

The Cryptocurrency Market is Recovering

While most top 100 cryptocurrencies took heavy losses, the market is finally recovering. Stellar (XLM) is the cryptocurrency that’s performing the best because it recovered by 22.67% in the last 24 hours. This is great news for Stellar (XLM) investors who didn’t get scared by the crash and sold their assets. In addition, investors who bought the dip are surely happy as well.

Stellar (XLM) Current Price

As previously mentioned, all top 100 cryptocurrency suffered major losses and Stellar (XLM) dropped to $0.16. The total loss for the entire week is valued at 50%, but Stellar (XLM) is now on the right path with a 22.67% increase.

Stellar (XLM) is currently worth $0.231234 per token and while this might not be a huge sum, it’s still great to see that Stellar (XLM) is bouncing back after such a major loss. Moreover, the total market capitalization for Stellar (XLM) is sitting at $4.2 billion.

Trading Volume

Stellar (XLM) is mainly traded on Binance, Poloniex and Upbit. This recent price upswing has caused a spike in Stellar (XLM)’s trading volume with 103 billion XLM in total and 18.5 billion being in circulation.

Nonetheless, the future of Stellar (XLM) is nearly impossible to predict especially after seeing how much it was affected by this market crash. Furthermore, investing in Stellar (XLM) is going to be risky in the long-term because of the downwards trend.