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Stellar (XLM) Plans to Overtake Ethereum Might Take Longer Than Expected


Ethereum is the number one network for developers who are looking to create decentralized apps (DApps), but things might change in during the upcoming years. There are many other cryptocurrencies which are similar to Ethereum, and all of them are gunning to take its spot as the number two biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is always regarded as being basically the same as Ethereum. What we mean by this is that Stellar offers the same network which can be used by developers to create DApps. To make things even better, Stellar is now a household name in the cryptocurrency world since the altcoin is sitting in the top 20 most valuable altcoins list.

Big Name, Big Promises

With that being said, Stellar’s popularity is surely going to help it grow in value which eventually put it closer to Ethereum. Investors are always looking for affordable cryptocurrencies that are priced under the dollar because once their prices surge, the profits will go up as well.

Considering that Stellar’s XLM token is valued at $0.370541 against the US dollar right now, this makes it a great purchase. The reason we are saying this is because if an investor buys $100 worth of XLM tokens, that investors will see some huge profits once Stellar manages to grow.

Although, we need to mention that Stellar’s value is not guaranteed to skyrocket. The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable and investing money does not promise a guaranteed profit.

Stellar to Overtake Ethereum

Moving on, Stellar’s main goal is to overtake Ethereum in the long run. This task is quite impossible at the moment since Ethereum is valued at $807.4 against the USD dollar, but time will tell the truth.

The only thing we can do outside of speculation is to wait and see if Stellar does really manage to grow so high that it becomes the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.