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Stellar (XLM) Price Dropped 12%+ This Week


Cryptocurrencies are starting to make waves around the world. The news cycle is loaded with articles about the next one coming down the pipeline, which one is losing the most value and how many of them have made millionaires out of investors. This week, we talk about Stellar (XLM) and the fact that the price has dropped more than 12% this week. The virtual currency marketplace is already moving around so much, investors can barely handle another one that cannot stay in one place for very long.

Stellar Is Supported By Non-Profit

There are not many virtual currencies that are backed by a non-profit like Stellar (XLM). Having said that, there is little to determine if that has anything to do with the price going up and down like it does. With more than 18 billion coins in circulation, Stellar give plenty of chances for those looking to transact between financial systems and currencies around the world.

The idea behind Stellar is that people, companies and financial institutions can move money back and forth just as easy as sending out an email. While this all sounds great and convenient, it does bring up concerns about security and things like that.

Plenty of Exchange Options

Stellar is just one of the cryptocurrencies that can be transferred on multiple exchanges. According to the most recent findings, Stellar can be moved on RippleFox, Upbit, GOPAX, Stellar Decentralized Exchange, Gatehub, AEX, Kraken, Coinegg and many more. In order to trade the Stellar cryptocurrency, an investor must by Bitcoin or Ethereum through an exchange that accepts US dollars.

Once you have gone through the process of buying Bitcoin and Ethereum, then you should go to one of the exchanges listed above to make your first trade of Stellar. If you would like to find out more about Stellar, they have a website, Facebook and Twitter account.