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Stellar XLM: Third Generation Cryptocurrencies are Taking Over


Even though popularity is not a factor that heavily influences the value of altcoins, it’s quite important. Altcoins that people are talking about usually grow bigger because more and more investors started putting money on them. This seems to be the case with Stellar XLM which experts are saying that it might see a huge growth in 2018.

Seeing how Stellar XLM surged by 20,000% in 2017, the fact that 2018 is going to be an amazing year might not be so shocking. However, the future is impossible to predict in the crypto world and even huge altcoins like Bitcoin can lose immense amounts of value in only one night. Nonetheless, let’s check out what Stellar XLM is all about and see why the expectations are so high.

Value Over Price

The interesting thing about Stellar XLM is the way it prices its token versus the value proposition. This special pricing methodology is actually believed to be one of the main reasons why Stellar XLM’s price skyrocketed in 2017 and why it might do the same in 2018. Usually, people consider the price versus the value they get from any sort of product or service they purchase. This is where things get interesting because Stellar XLM combines both.

Safe and Reliable

The thing that Stellar XLM offers is basically a safe and reliable platform that will give investors anything they need. Stellar XLM is considered to be a “third generation” cryptocurrency that offers increased functionalities and guaranteed customer satisfaction. This means that Stellar XLM is way better than Bitcoin or Ethereum, at least in theory.

Even though Stellar XLM might have a long run before it can catch up to Bitcoin or Ethereum, Stellar XLM does offer more services and features than them. Therefore, people who invest in Stellar XLM will benefit from a wider range of services.